Elite independent escort London and travel companion | Vip Dinner dates

Arranging a date with an independent escort in London is completely legal providing you are dealing with an independent escort who is not working for another person, providing they are of legal age and legal to work in the UK. This is just one of many reasons clients prefer booking independent escorts over agency escorts.

Here are the main benefits of booking an independent escort in England.

It’s Legal !

Yes even paying for or selling sex is legal in England providing you are dealing with an independent escort who isn’t working against their will or being controlled by a third party and “control” can be as simple as being told they must attend a booking. For this reason clients prefer the peace of mind of booking an independent escort who controls her own schedule.

Extra Discretion

It’s extremely easy these days to start a business online even without any knowledge of building a website, marketing of having the necessary skills to run a successful business and unfortunately due to the nature of the escorting business it does attract allot of anonymous characters who can easily set up an escort agency with a mobile and a website, who may have absolutely no experience with escorting whatsoever. Clients find themselves feeling far more comfortable dealing directly with an experienced independent escort as there are ways to remain completely anonymous and if details are shared they are never held by a third party and promptly erased after each date unless otherwise requested.

Authenticity !

When arranging a date with an independent escort you are able to make further enquiries, speak on the phone and even arrange Skype dates. Most high end independent escorts are often verified and reviewed on high end independent directories that have no affiliation with them and therefore are a completely partial entity that can verify their authenticity. By speaking to a lady on the telephone directly you can tell instantly if they are the nationality they claim, the age they claim and if their intelligence, integrity and personality reflect that of their website. You can also verify that the independent escort your meeting is using their own recent photos.

It’s Personal & exciting !

When arranging a date with an elite independent escort in London you are able to have direct interactions and build a rapport before you even meet up for your date. I love discussing ideas for dates, planning ahead, sharing the odd joke, sharing what I enjoy 😉 , hearing about your ideas and fantasies! You are welcome to share your preferences, dress requests, what things make your eyes roll back… it’s fun planning dates and getting to know each other, it builds the excitement!

Safety & Exclusivity!

Most high end independent escorts choose to work for themselves as they prefer to see fewer clients and are often far more selective with who they agree to meet and hold themselves and their clients to a higher level of safety, exclusivity, discretion and mutual respect. It’s far more like dating as opposed to offering or purchasing “a service” which in my opinion takes away from the sexiness of it all. Most elite courtesans prefer to focus on a small circle of returning clientele as opposed to high volumes of strangers, which keeps them more physically and emotionally healthy. Independent escorts who go to the effort of advertising themselves and interacting directly with clients and being selective about who they see are all great factors in knowing they enjoy what they do and are reliable with arranging and showing up to your date.